• Anna

I had the Coronavirus in Madrid .. in January!

Updated: Apr 11

Well, maybe.

I'm not 100% sure whether I had it, but remembering how sick I was in January makes me think that it was more than just the usual seasonal flu. Fever, absolutely no energy and a persistent dry cough that lasted for over a month, waking me up in the middle of the night during this entire time.

Besides, I wasn't the only one who got that sick between December and January. Just before this, I had been on a trip to Málaga (a Spanish city in the south) with a friend and we both came back to Madrid very sick - both with a fever and a very dry cough. A week later, my boss tells me that he is not coming that day because he is very sick. In the same week, my two flat mates were the same - in bed with a fever, coughing non-stop. Even my boyfriend got sick and that's saying something because in 3 years of being with him, it was the FIRST and only time he had been sick.

At that moment I was already starting to think that something strange was happening. Talking to friends about their jobs, they told me the same thing - that for some reason, many of their colleagues were on sick leave because they had a fever and a cough.

I went to the doctor but of course, since no one cared about the coronavirus since it was still far away in China and other countries, she didn't test me for the coronavirus.

Just yesterday I found myself reading a forum thread with the name "At Christmas I had a horrible flue with a dry cough flu. Was it the coronavirus?" and it caught my attention because that's exactly what I was wondering. Maybe you are thinking the same thing and since I found the conversation of the people in the forum very interesting, I will translate it (it's come from a Spanish forum) and summarise it.

The thread began with the following: "This year, a lot of us have been more sick than usual and we all agree that it was not just a normal flu" and everyone began to answer ...

"They say it's been going around for a while now."

"In January I was at work almost dying. Fever and a cough every second that didn't let me sleep, which then lasted for over a month."

"A doctor said in a newspaper that it may have been circulating for some time around the world. He said it's not normal for a "new" virus, that none is supposed to have no antibodies for, to be mild in most cases."

Very interesting this and another similar comment...

"The president of the Spanish Society of Virology, Albert Bosch, has reasoned that the new coronavirus "has an overly optimised transmission between humans, an emerging virus is usually more inefficient in man-to-man transmission and also tends to offer a stronger pathology with few asymptomatic infections"

You can read more about Bosch and his views on the coronavirus here;

So, being that sick in January and now stuck at home because of the coronavirus reading conversations like this, it's normal to wonder if I've already had it. It's a pity that I will never know if I really had it or not but the facts of the last few months make for some intersting thoughts.